Front Desk


To Admit a Client

  • Select a Client from the list.
  • Click Button Admit.
  • Fill the form that that appear using the presented dropdowns then click button OK.

Dashboard window screenshot.

Dashboard window screenshot.

To Capture Triage Details

  • Select a Client from the list.
  • Click Button Triage as seen from the above Screenshot.
  • Fill the form and Click button OK to Successfully save data.

  • Searching Client Details

    For Registered Clients

    • Click search Type dropdown for menu to be displayed.
    • Select any of the filter options from the list as provided by the client and fill it in the search box.
    • Then click button Find to check client details.

    Search Client window Screenshot.

    Search Client window Screenshot
    Select a Client name form Resulsts list and Click Button Addvist to save
    Note: Click a button at the top right corner to close form windows.

    Close button window screenshot

    Close button window screenshot

    To add a CLient vist

    • select a Client from the clients' displayed list and Fill the forms Respectively.
    • Then Click button Add Vist to view and fill the start client vist form.
    • Then Click button save to save.

    Registering Anew Client

    For a New Client
    • fill the Personal Details form that appears.
    • And click button next to enter Contact Details.
    • Click button next to continue.

    Entering Personal Details window Screenshot.

    Entering Personal Details window screenshot
    Fill the form and click button next to continue

    Client Appointment and Scheduling

    Use Department Dropdown

    • Select A department from the dropdown menu to view and select a Clinician.
    • Select the date from the green cells.
    • click button Book to continue.

    Client Appointment Scheduling window Screenshot.

    appointment and Scheduling window Screenshot
    • a search window below will be displayed
    • Search and select a Client then click button Next to cofirm Client details.
    • Finally Click button Finish to finalize.